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The people of Pelalawan Prefer to Leave Their Country During the end of the Year Holiday

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Riau Book - The people of Pelalawan prefer to leave their country during the end of the year holiday. They traveled out of Pelalawan after a number of tourism sites in that area do not even well managed by the local government.

"Pelalawan has a number of interesting tourism attraction and sites such as bono wave in Teluk Meranti. That it is…the condition of that tourism attraction is really pitiful. From year to year, the government is only busy in inventory. So there is no development occurred over there," said Rudi (37) one of residents Pangkalan Kerinci district who live in Jalan Pemda, Sunday (27/12).

Rudi with family chose West Sumatra to spend the holiday with his family, because there are many tourism sites that can be visited and well managed by private or government there.

"Even, we feel tired, we still choose West Sumatera. This is not because we do not have a local place to visit, but the condition of the tourism object for decades until now, remains poor," he said.

He said, actually, Bono wave in Teluk Meranti could be an interesting alternative to spend holiday. But because of support facilities, especially road infrastructure like mud when it rains, making that object was not very familiar despite already popular globally.

"Although the severity Bono is worldwide, but for the citizens of the region, is still mediocre. This is due to the facilities and other supporting facilities are very poor. I swear, I do not want to go there anymore. Especially, if the road has not been repaired yet. It is bad and really bad, "he said. "Similarly case also happen to other tourism object, he added, there is a history tourism site in Pelalawan namely Istana Sayap. But, after a fire several years ago until now the repairing of that site never has been finished"

"Also he said there is Lake Kajuik, Ok, ya now it is flood. How we could go there? That's why many people choose out of town. In the capital district itself, there was no other alternative. Most kids swim in the pool. Indeed, many contributions to the district if the tourism sites are managed properly, not merely fantasy. But, now we seemed n fantasy Sir. As the story goes there are many interesting tourism object, but the community could not enjoy it. Yeah, the consequence is the citizens donate more PAD for the other region, "he said.

The chairman of PAN faction in Palalawan Parliament (DPRD), Arnazh Nazar said the same thing related to regional destinations, residents should be able to be the host in their own country

Rushing Throng Leaving Pelalawan on Holiday, Bono Tourism Object Untreated

"Palalawan has a lot of potential, but instead we are contributing to other areas since anything we have is not optimally managed. So, many of our citizens spend holiday in other area. So, we hope that the future management of those tourism objects on this Seiya Sekata Earth not only in verbal speech, but in the form of immediate action to do some repairs "said a member of Commission I DPRD Pelalawan. (MC)


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