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Success, BRK Achieve Dozen Awards and Now Has 142 Network Offices

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Riau Book - PT Bank Riau-Kepri (BRK) currently has a network of 142 offices spread across a number of areas, especially in the Province of Riau and Riau Islands, the last office was built in Tanjung Balai Karimun.

"Sharia Supporting Branch Office Tanjung Balai Karimun is the 142nd branch network of Bank Riau Kepri and it is also the 41st Supporting Branch Office as well as the 6th Sharia Branch that has been opened by Bank Riau Kepri," said Director of BRK, DR Irvandi Gustari during the inauguration of the Sharia Supporting Branch Office in Tanjung Balai Karimun which the operation was officially opened by the Acting Regent Karimun Aunur Rafiq, Wednesday (23/12).

Beside the Director of Bank Riau Kepri DR Irvandi Gustari, the event was also attended by the Acting Regent Karimun Aunur Rafiq, Commissioner of Bank Riau Kepri HR Mambang Mit, Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board of Bank Riau Kepri Sufyan Al Jamrah, Director of Credit and Sharia of Bank Riau Kepri Afrial Abdullah , Member of Parliament (DPRD) Karimun, Forkopinda Karimun regency, as well as other invited guests.

Inauguration Sharia Supporting Branch Office, Tanjung Balai Karimun which is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani, Village Sei Lakam, District of Karimun was began with the delivery of aid to some mosque symbolically and marked with the signing of inscription and the ribbon-cutting by the Acting Regent Karimun who was accompanied by President Director of Bank Riau Kepri, Primary Commissioner of Bank Riau Kepri, Sharia Supervisory Council Board of Bank Riau Kepri and Director of Credit and Sharia Riau Kepri.

Furthermore Irvandi explained that the opening of this Sharia Supporting Branch Office network Tanjung Balai Karimun has been passed through various economic studies and a variety of considerations.

Currently, he added, there are eight (8) network of offices Bank Riau Kepri located in the district of Tanjung Balai Karimun, the Conventional Branch of Tanjung Balai Karimun, Supporting Branch Office (KCP) Tanjung Batu, Cash Office Sawang, Cash Office Regent Karimun, Cash Office Hospital Tanjung Balai Karimun , Payment Point Office in Building D Karimun regent, Payment Point Dispenda Karimun, and the new operating Sharia Supporting Branch Office (KCP) Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Irvandi also explained, in 2015, the BRK has made changes in a variety of ways. These changes were intended to allow the Bank Riau Kepri become the number one or Primary bank in the region

BRK Achieve Dozen Awards and Now Has 142 Network Offices

The changes were focused on achieving the five pillars of Bank Riau Kepri, namely Loans, Fund Raising of Third Party, Internal Control, Human Resources, and Operations. The 5 pillars are in line with BPD transformation program which was officially launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on May 26, 2015.

Total improvement will also be conducted by Bank Riau Riau Kepri for the services pattern at Bank Kepri into a quality service pattern and creating a productive work culture, so that in the future there are improvements toward positive work direction and further enhance good progress in Bank Riau Kepri.

Alhamdulillah, continued Irvandi, thanks to the hard work of management and all the employees of Bank Riau Kepri, before the age of 50th, many achievements and awards was reached by Bank Riau Kepri.

In 2015, he added, there were 12 awards was achieved by Bank Riau Kepri even in national level. Some of the awards achieved were the Best Teller Regional Development Bank, The Best ATM Regional Development Bank, award for Very Good Financial Performance in 2014, Platinum Trophy for 10 year the Very Good Financial Performance which achieved consecutively.

Then, Sharia Unit has very good predicate for Financial Performance, The Most Improvement Banking & Quality Service, The Best Visionary CEO, The 3rd Indonesian Banking Grace 2015 Book II (Asset ; Rp 10 billion until Rp 25 billion), The Caring Company of Education Improvement 2015, and the last, BUMD Of The Year 2015 from Riau Province Chamber of Commerce, Tax Awards 2015 category Most Tax Payment place Recipient SSP and The Most Reliable Banking and The Best in Service & Excellent Performance of the Year from Indonesia Achievement Center (IAC).

In the future, said Irvandi, Bank Riau Riau will continue to increase the network of offices across the Province of Riau and Province of Islands Riau and increase the ATM network as well as other facilities.

"With the addition of a network of offices and ATM machines are expected closer Bank Riau Kepri with the community and place Bank Riau Kepri as a leading bank in the region," he said.

Acting Regent Karimun, Aunur Rafiq said, Bank Riau Kepri entered the age of 50th, compared with other banks whose its existence longer than of Bank Riau Kepri, the presence of Bank Riau Kepri has provided a guarantee of trust that makes customers spread in Riau Province and the Riau Islands province is growing.

Public confidence toward good governance of banking management system in Bank Riau Kepri, he said gave an assurance to customers that can be proved with the opening of networks sharia supporting Branch Office Tanjung Balai Karimun which shows with BRK well and healthy growth, so it has bravery to open new supporting branch offices.

Therefore, Aunur hope that public funds of Karimun District stored in Bank Riau Kepri should also be distributed back to the community of Karimun District. His expectation is the presence of Bank Riau Kepri will provide a signifikan role for economic growth of Karimun District. (RB / Sil)


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