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Arouse the Athlete Excellence, These was conducted by Diaspora Riau

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Riau Book - Riau Province's government seems serious in capturing the athletes that will be fought in a variety of national and international tournaments.

It is looked in selecting PPLP and PPLM's athletes openly for Riau's Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora), which is now wanted more than 370 athletes. They compete to qualify for selection in 20 sports.

Selection of PPLP and PPLM's athletes which lasted for four days was officially opened by Kadispora Riau, Edy Yusty, Saturday (26/12) at the Athletics Arena, Sport Center Rumbai.

First day selection consists of physical tests and techniques which are centered in athletics Gor. The test involves several elements, such as sports trainers and academics.

Head of Dispora Riau Unit, Kaifi Azmi said the open selection was conduct in order to process the regeneration of athletes selectively.

"It is part of an open selection related to their physical abilities and techniques. Later each with a team formed decides, anyone who deserves according to the needs and specifications of each sports itself," he said.

This selection results, Kaifi said, is expected to give birth superior athletes from a number of areas in Riau. "This is part of improving the quality of athletes PPLP and PPLM because we introduced a system of promotion and relegation," he said

The 20 sports which were included in the selection namely Football, Judo, Swimming, Rowing, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Basketball, Athletics, Pencak Silat, Taekwondo. (RB/Sil)


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