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Again, Riau is endangered by Land Fires

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Riau Book - Station of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Board (BMKG) in Pekanbaru stated hotspots (hotspots) as a sign of re-emerging fires in Sumatra.

Aqua Terra Satellite imagery indicates there are 21 hotspots spread across 5 provinces, 10 of those are in Riau.

Head of Pekanbaru's BMKG station, Sugarin said, Riau become the areas with the most commonly found hotspot after South Sumatra.

"The results of satellite imagery in the afternoon showed 21 hotspots were in Sumetara. In Riau there are 10 points with distribution; Bengkalis 4 points, Meranti 1 point, Dumai 1 point, Pelalawan 1 point, Rohil 2 points and Siak 1 point," he said yesterday.

Not only in Riau, the hotspots was also observed in other provinces in Sumatra. Such as Bengkulu 1 point, 5 point Jambi, South Sumatra, West Sumatra 1 point and 4 points.

Although those have not emerged the smog yet as happened in this summer, the Government and People should anticipate the fires of forest and land, so that the similar events do not occur again.

On the other hand, generally the weather of Riau Province is bright cloudy. The potential for rain with mild to moderate intensity is uneven, accompanied by some thunders, occur in the afternoon and evening until early morning in the western, central and southern of Riau region.(RB/Sil)


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